NOTE: The only time this date is changed is if the load card is changed (i.e., adding, deleting, or changing the load or other data). Planning Considerations For Tactical Convoy Operations Leaders must be located where they can best command and control the convoy or their portion of it. Combat Lifesavers / Medics i. Sources: -22, Security Force, JUN 06 — — 3. cold weather smart card ( (s&i, training media support team, individual training support directorate, army training support center, bldg 3306 room 6, wilson ave, fort eustis, va 23604) usatsc: gta 20-03-001: active: 09/28/2016: theater security cooperation smart card: tradoc: gta 20-17-001: active: 04/30/2019 Simply testing the load card, which is required every two years for RC units, FORSCOM Regulation 55-1, para 5-5b, STEP 6, (3), does not require you to change the date. Leaders (Command & Control i. Situational Awareness ii. It is not intended to replace a solid unit SOP or replace unit established Battle Drills. This commander must be free to supervise the movement of the serial or march unit. ... Convoy Commander, Patrol Leader. Fill in as appropriate A. CONVOY FORMATIONS 1.Positioning / Team Concept a. Conducted a map reconnaissance to select and mark routes/sites not dictated by higher headquarters. Comments could include: Each convoy is organized under the control of a convoy commander. First Army – Convoy Commander Smart Card Data contained in this card has been extracted from multiple sources and compiled as a handy, pocket sized, quick reference card only. Attended convoy commander’s briefing, took notes, and updated maps. The “IEDs” folder contains some extremely significant documents, from smartcards to handouts dealing with IEDs in association with convoy operations. — — 4. Civilian/military driver licenses. CONVOY CHECK IN/OUT DATA (COC) 1. Movement – Interval / Speed b. Each truck will carry a copy in the dispatch book. Prepared convoy commander’s checklist. CASEVAC and MEDEVAC: Operations are planned as contingency operations and not part of the overall mission, and do not effectively balance both air and ground casualty evacuation. Smart Pack Table of Contents. Dictate sectors of fire. This card is prepared by the Convoy CDR. — — 6. Slide Seven - This slide lists the responsibilities of the Serial or March Unit Commander. The “Covoys” folder contains over 25 convoy operations-specific documents such as CALL handbooks, convoy TTPs, convoy movement formations, logistics convoy cards, and convoy battle drills. Commander’s Intent 9 Scheme of Maneuver 9 Key Personnel 13 Tasking Statements 16 Coordinating Instructions 16 Immediate Action Drills 17 Convoy Communication 22 PCCs & PCIs 23 Post-Convoy Actions 24 Summary 24 References 25 Glossary of Terms and Acronyms 25 Notes 25 In addition, a commander is identified for each serial or march unit. Smart card might save lives, make CAC cards obsolete, say engineers ... That means that the information contained in the card can be shared with other Soldiers, Army … Generally, a leader should be centrally located in the unit within the order of march, but may need to maneuver to get to a vantage point that will allow him visibility of the battlefield when required. NOTE: IF 2 OR MORE AREAS ARE ASSIGNED RISK FACTORS OF 5 OR MORE, THE OVERALL RISK IS CONSIDERED "HIGH." TACEVAC 9 LINE GROUND/AIR 2. CONTROL Fire. Information Systems (LIS) and Army Battle Command Systems (ABCS). Commander’s Intent. Concept of the operation - Order them to watch you as you use the sandtable to walk through the operation in six sentences or less. At My Signal ... Military ID card. Kill-card. Scheduled convoy commander’s briefing with the battalion S3 officer. CONVOY MANIFEST DATE Page ___ of ____ VEHICLES IN ORDER OF MARCH OOM TRK # SERIAL # # CONVOY COMMANDER NAMES 20 # OF PAX WEAPON SYSTEMS (Number / Type) 22. Average Rotational Died-of-Wounds (DOW) rate is 40%. Raid - Attack with a planned withdrawal Recon - get PIR requirements Ambush - destroy a unit and withdraw Movement To Contact Deliberate Attack - take ground — — 5.

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