Median response time is 34 minutes and may be longer for new subjects. Which of the following are accepted adjuncts in the management of hypertrophic scar? C. A syndrome that occurs in 5% to 7% of patients following traumatic splenectomy. Median response time is 34 minutes and may be longer for new subjects. A. Subeschar infusion of half the daily dose of a broad-spectrum penicillin suspended in 1 liter of normal saline. E. Prehospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The information above is intended as general information based on minimal information, and does not constitute health care advice. D. It increases the prevalence of bronchopneumonia. We have compiled a list of intensive care unit nurse interview questions and answers that will help you ace your up coming interview. c. Two-dimensional echocardiography has replaced diagnostic pericardiocentesis in most hemodynamically stable patients What's the most likely injury? Overall survival rates approach 25% Systemic hypertension should be avoided to reduce the risk of intracranial hemorrhage The anthropometric changes observed as a patient progresses from infancy to adulthood include which of the following statement(s)? D. Is contraindicated in the patient who is breathing spontaneously. If you are currently feeling suicidal or are in crisis, call 911 or proceed to your local emergency room. Please circle “Yes” or “No” to report what has happened to you. A. Fifty-year-old female who fell 8 feet from a step ladder, with isolated hip fracture and normal vital signs. He was bleeding profusely from the nose and had an obviously open femur fracture with exposed bone. Administration of an emetic agent as immediate treatment following lye ingestion. The mortality rate currently associated with sternal fractures is as high as 25–30% Effects of trauma include physical effects on your health and your body, your ability to have satisfying relationships with … You know what is holding you back! The spleen and liver are both found to be injured. In this post, you can reference some of the most common interview questions for a trauma nurse interview along with appropriate answer samples. A period of 6 hours or more between injury and restoration of perfusion b. d. A cardiac rhythm contraindicates cardiopulmonary resuscitation even in the absence of a palpable pulse Answer: c, d, 37. Using the above questions, here are eight therapist interview questions with sample answers to help you craft your own unique responses: 1. Re-experiencing the event is a telltale symptom of PTSD. Massive open chest wounds Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Administration of inotropic and chronotropic vasoactive agents. d. Persistent chest tube bleeding at a rate greater than 200 ml/hour for four hours, or greater than 100 ml/hour for eight hours is an indication for thoracotomy for control of hemorrhage The incidence of life-threatening sepsis in the adult following splenectomy is no greater than in the normal population Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very complex issue. The hypermetabolic response seen in patients with large burns, who are successfully resuscitated, is thought to be driven by which of the following factors? The emotional impact of rape can be beyond... more, One way to handle the situation is to develop willingness to tolerate her unusual habits. c. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of traumatic death in young males of all ethnic groups c. Risks of autotransfused blood include disseminated intravascular coagulation and activation of fibrinolysis How can I get over my posttraumatic stress disorder without my parents knowing about it? Question. A 22-year-old male is hospitalized with multiple extremity fractures including a comminuted fracture of the femur and multiple rib fractures. A patient presents with gross hematuria, lower abdominal pain, and the inability to void after a blunt trauma.

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