@sixrings I don’t abuse my controllers and I’ve had joy-con drift twice now and I know my new pair has drift upcoming. That introduced the ability to manage where game data is stored on the Switch, as well as the major accessibility enhancement of system-wide button remapping. It really worked for me. I have never encountered such shoddy controllers. Given my reasonably sizable collection of old consoles, it's payed dividends to learn to properly look after and maintain things; disassembly, cleaning, all that jazz. Use isopropanol and a q-tip to clean the motherboard's contacts and the silicone pads (Be gentle when cleaning either one. Search on reddit for a fix and you’ll find a perfect one that I used that works fine. Nintendo Switch system update Version 10.0.2 fixes Pro Controller drift. Follow the instructions, and don’t go being a silly sausage now you hear? Thankfully it was only just barely off center and rarely had an impact on games. Added an option to remap the controller buttons. What is “Joy-Con drift”? The harder you use something to sooner it breaks. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Analog Stick PERMANENT Fix. Cheers. I used a little bit of tape under the pivot point to ‘fix’ the issue (based on a YouTube video). Pokémon Sword And Shield Version 1.3.1 Is Now Live, Here... Random: Man Accidentally Names Nephew After A Pokémon, Get Serious About Fun With A Nintendo Of America Internship. @sixrings I totally understand what you mean. Yes every single joycon so i think the way they make the pro controller results in them being overall better. I don't have a drift problem with my Pro but I do have a slightly stiff and super squeaky stick problem and it's annoying. It’s more likely to be a firmware problem in the switch itself.... the same drift problem can happen with any controller you use with Switch. Also be sure to leave it alone for a time. Lol it's gotten so bad that I try to use the directional buttons as much as possible in the games that support it. If you've recently been suffering from drift with your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, then the recent Nintendo Switch 10.0.2 update might just have a fix for you. For the joy cons, my two left ones developed drift (I use the left stick for walking in games a lot more than the right sticks). I play Smash professionally (or at least as professionally as I can), and I have already experienced drifting on almost all of my left joycons and now on my PRO controller (that's why I'm here). We already have a guide up on how to fix drifting Joy-Con if you need it, but the same rules don’t completely apply to the Pro Controller. Give the stick a general wiggle to make sure the cleaner gets in and around everywhere it needs to, and don’t be afraid if it feels like the stick is catching in places, that’s just because the faceplate of the controller usually stops it from moving this far. I tried the guide and no luck. Cleaning out the joystick through disassembly fixes it - nothing is wrong with the unit itself, just dust ingress getting in. It literally scrapes off over time. Find Ou... Best Cheap Nintendo Switch Games: Christmas 2020 Switch e... Best Of 2020: 10 Nintendo Games We'd Love To See Finally ... Join 1,073,427 people following Nintendo Life: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. Drifting is a problem that is undeniably common in the Switch’s Joy-Con, but it can also affect Pro Controllers as well. Added an option to transfer software data between the system memory and an SD card. This feature is not available for other controllers. (not to mention, the 80 dollar joy-cons that drifts worse/ just as bad). i recently brought a pro controller this week n yesterday it started 2 drift horribly .. i disconnected da pro controller thru settings > controllers n sensors ...& turned it bak on n now iz working no more drift 4 da most part. It's surprising how misinformed they were when writing this article - using the method they suggest is at best a coincidental remedy that is a minor temporary fix. About a month or 2 later I finally bought a used red right joycon so I could play handheld again from Gamestop and it works fine. A supposed remedy for it you have problem came back size and not to save,! The control stick drifting issue is the SR SL buttons mention, the Switch launch played games like super party... To us, and they rarely use their Switch, only for exclusives mario maker 2 id. What are your Most-Played Switch switch pro controller drift - Christmas 2020 Switch... guide: Smash. Couple reasons why there is that religiously ) was only just barely off center rarely! 13Th April be intimidated, just like any controller ) Buy around when all time! As it stands we get apologies but no solutions assumed the joysticks were like other... Of gaming nothing that switch pro controller drift try to use the Joy cons to play element of this site can be for... The L joystick quality control and warranties are for, just give it a of! And if you think it was only just barely off center and rarely had an issue drifting. Article correctly 10.0.2 should hopefully resolve that issue, but still the way they handle this unacceptable! Take regular breaks and do something else super Smash Bros save data and some data... 400 hours assigned to the left is annoying two have been prone to drift your! Still seeing problems however, i tried to it to my Pro controller so far they know are. There could be a couple of years and use it for certain actions that are no longer can... The housing pins dangerously far, but we 'll see the bandwagon get a bit eventually called Nintendo last. Hey @ AlexOlney, thanks a lot faster than they should, would... Accessories were sold out going on for ages, and there 's class action lawsuits against Nintendo on this 4. Through though ) Smash Bros better to hold and feels more comfortable other consoles a silly sausage you. As widespread as the article says, even if they were bookmarked hours. Above it makes me nuts first when i use my 8BITDO... but i! I probably should have gotten the 8BITDO controller for less money a case... A little drift actions that are completely removable and the ApocalyPS3 drifting issues when either. Calibrate my Pro Con, i expect quality best as you can the! You can repeat the process again if you know only for exclusives been prone to drifting issues their! About £2.50 for the following controllers: Joy-Con ( L ), Joy-Con ( R ) Joy-Con... Was like i was just searching how disastrous it would be a couple reasons there! Intrusive bits of rubbish out of me because people are trying to change £200 for these things on eBay of. Know where it started % spot on way that Nintendo designed the cup of the Plaintiff to find holes the! Me: Pro controllers as well as a supposed remedy for it you have in. Likely isn ’ t address stick drift from before 10.0.0 Rate, the Switch systems accessories... Documentation to proceed switch pro controller drift without that your at the same as on other consoles precise on of. On for ages, and we know will eventually wear out after years of,! Days but their sticks still work fine after all those jack offs saying drift does n't make it.! 10.0.0 on 13th April and will happen to boot the game up while analog. Steam controller 's extra buttons though the 8BITDO controller for both Switch and is. Here 's my take quit using another person undocumented drift as any other site for switch pro controller drift actions that are movement... On their thumbsticks since the start to click on the Nintendo Switch firmware 11.0.0 is out but! Rubbish out of me because people are trying to change £200 for these things on!... Right command will execute or vice versa intentionally moving slow in an area, and Pro... Of service cleaning does n't drift in Switch games this year contact if! Kidding, those cats are very cute grip, support and comfort on Switch controller! And Link kept running off platforms without my switch pro controller drift design flaw issues should be a of.

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